EEM Treatment sessions

60 mins - £45.00

On your first time visit I will go through an initial consultation talk with you to discuss what you would like to get out of it and answer any questions you might have.
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What to expect?

The treatment involves light touch, stimulating acupressure points and working in the field of your energies. I will talk to you at times and explain what I am doing so you are in the picture.

As a means of finding out where energies are unbalanced, energy testing (also called muscle testing) is carried out and I will guide and explain to you how this is done. This will give me information about your energies and system that I feel need to be addressed.

What to wear?

I would recommend to wear loose comfortable clothing, for women avoiding skirts and dresses.

At the end of the treatment

I will give you some time to get up, gather your thoughts and provide you with some exercises that are beneficial to your energies, which you can carry out yourself everyday until the next session.


Mindfulness coaching/therapy

Initial consultation and session 60 mins - £40.00

Further sessions 45 mins - £35.00

Sessions are face to face but can be remote on request using video software - Zoom preferred.
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Please contact me if you have any queries.