Mindfulness Coaching

Empower yourself!

Enjoying and loving life. That's what it's all about - right?

Every person is different, with different stress thresholds and reacts different to external factors. What stresses some people has no effect on others. This also applies to habits and techniques we choose to balance ourselves, cope with stresses and how we interact with our environment.
What are you thinking about goals and how do they affect you?
Depending on your personality and circumstances like family and/or work life, individually chosen techniques can help you being able to live a healthier, more balanced and joyful life.


Exploring your current mindset, behaviour and stress responses is all part of mindfulness coaching.
Get to learn:

  • Short/long meditations
  • Breathing techniques
  • Living 'in the now' - consciousness
  • Learning how to stop
  • Raising awareness to your 'autopilot'; what you do, say, think
  • Energy Medicine Exercises supporting mindfulness practices