Daily Energy Routine (DER) 28-Day-Challenge

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The Daily Energy Routine (DER) can be carried out in 5 minutes and provides you with the basic exercises that build the foundation of your health and wellbeing on a daily basis.
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If you are not familiar with the DER, please read on.
The reason why it is called the 28-day-challenge is because after consistently carrying out the exercises for 28 days we expect you to feel a difference. Please record how you feel on day 1, on day 14 and on day 28. We appreciate if you would like to record some feedback, too.
If you have any questions with regards to the challenge, please send an enquiry.

The Exercises

The 4 thumbs

K27 – ensures meridians run forward
Thymus – stimulates thymus gland, good for the immune system
Spleen – stimulates metabolism
Stomach points – connects with earth energy

The Cross Over

Creates better left/right brain functioning.
Enhanced coordination and better balance.

Wayne Cook

Useful when: energies are scrambled, can’t take information in, can’t think clearly.

Crown Pull

Useful: when energies are clogged, need relief from acute headache, want sharper memory.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Helps with grounding and healing, especially joints, aligns body, mind and spirit.

Hook Up

Benefits: grounds, brings you back to yourself, stabilises corrections and newly balanced energies, helps recover from sudden shock, balances the nervous system.

Zip Up

Protects your energies, do if you need a boost of confidence.


Additional Exercises

Massaging Neurolymphatics

Moves toxins out the body, clears stagnant energies, balances energies

Celtic Weave

If you are feeling too expansive or too contracted, feel vulnerable to other people’s energies, strengthens and controls the auric energies, connects all energies together