Energy is all there is!

Vibrant energies nurture vibrant health. Focus, praise and nurture what is right with our bodies and wellbeing. This will foster and improve health throughout our beings and promote establishing healthy habits to heal, be healthy and joyful.

Do the Daily Energy Routine

It only takes 5-6 minutes and provides you with the basic exercises that build the foundation of your health and wellbeing on a daily basis. Download the Eden Method App and also try the short 6 min. guided meditation accompanying the Daily Energy Routine.

Mindfulness Coaching

Less stress, more joy, become more resilient and improve work productivity by exploring mindfulness activities, in particular short 2-3 minutes meditations and staying in the present moment.
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Read testimonials from previous clients.


Julie from Trentham

Over last year I underwent some healing with Britta. The process was very calming and all my energy centres were very imbalanced because I have gone through a prolonged period of turmoil in my life resulting in some health concerns. During the process I felt very relaxed and calm. My blood pressure readings came down significantly over my treatment and I felt the negative aura that had surrounded me lifted and I had a far more positive outlook on my life. Things began to shift in my thought processes and my life now feels more aligned with how I want it to be. I would recommend this treatment course to anyone hoping to feel less stressed unbalanced and is in a negative stance in their life. It works and realigns you. Thank you Britta."


Jennifer from Stone

This was a totally relaxing experience. The sense of calm was instant. Britta explained my treatment to me first. Every time I have a treatment I try to stay awake and notice any areas of concern within my body, but I’m so relaxed I usually nod off. I’m really interested in this subject and afterwards Britta was happy to share her knowledge with me and discuss energies, chakras and auras. Thank you Britta for a professional service.


Debbie from Stafford

I’ve had several sessions with Britta, all have been very calming and relaxing experience. I particularly remember a time when I was feeling quite poorly all day due to a sickness bug. The treatment made me feel calm and relaxed. I felt I was almost floating. I drifted into a very relaxed and much needed sleep. Britta is very good at explaining exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. I would fully recommend treatment from her.